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EAC calls on government to make electric vehicles more accessible

By Joe Thomson May 24, 2023 | 3:36 PM

Michael Marais / Unsplash

The Ecology Action Centre is urging the federal and provincial governments to make electric vehicles more accessible to Canadians.

They say that without proper legislation, electric vehicles will continue to take a long time to get delivered and clients may sit on waitlists for months before they can even order a vehicle. They say this puts Nova Scotia at risk for missing its electric vehicle adoption targets.

British Columbia and Quebec have introduced provincially regulated EV supply targets, but the EAC says that while the amount of EVs in those provinces have increased, it’s caused a supply shortage for the rest of the country. They claim that specific measures aimed at supply equity are needed to ensure that affordable EVs are available across the country.

An Abacus Data poll from 2022 revealed that 68 percent of people were less likely to buy an EV because of long wait times. The same poll showed that 86 percent of respondents support standards for EV availability.

To get more people behind the wheel of an EV and hopefully show the government that people want better access to these vehicles, the EAC is hosting a test drive event tomorrow. It takes pace from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the EAC offices on 2705 Fern Lane in Halifax.


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