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Firepit safety, and don’t forget your permit

By Tara Clow May 23, 2023 | 12:28 PM

A reminder from the City of Moncton about firepits.

Every year, the Moncton Fire Department gets calls from concerned neighbours regarding heavy smoke from backyards.

Chief Conrad Landry says there are by-laws in place with specific rules, “If you use a fire pit, you need to burn dry wood. If you burn wet wood that isn’t clean, it’s going to create smoke and then it’s going to be a nuisance to neighbours. I’d say that’s the majority of our calls.”

It’s always recommended that if you smell smoke or see fire and you’re concerned, you should call 911 and the fire department will come and check things out.

If the Fire Department finds the homeowner is not meeting the by-law, they’ll advise them.

“If everyone would follow the by-law, then those calls would be reduced, but sometimes we do have to send trucks with lights and sirens because when we get a call, we don’t know if it is a real fire or if it is just for one in a firepit,” Landry says.

He adds with the winter kill there is a lot of material that can burn with the dead, dry grass and wood, “If the fire in your firepit is too close to a building, that’s a concern. We want people to be safe and ensure their homes and other buildings don’t catch fire.”

More information on how to apply for a firepit permit can be found HERE


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