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New Chief of Police caps off week 1

By Adam Riley May 19, 2023 | 11:11 AM

Chief Designate Darcy Fleury speaks with a member of the Thunder Bay Police Service during his first week in the city. (Adam Riley/Acadia Broadcasting)

It’s been just a few days since Darcy Fleury took command of the Thunder Bay Police Service, in a first week that included the arrest of a third suspect from a south side shooting earlier this month and an Amber Alert, followed up by a ground search for a missing man.

Or in his words “a real busy week” in which he credits the efforts of those under his command.

“That just goes to show the great work our team is doing, they presented me with that situation on the Amber Alert, and it was like ‘Yeah we have to do this’.  They were well prepared and had that out there right away, all of our partners across the enforcement agencies were like bang on it and it was really good.”

Next week Fleury will be holding a pair of Policing Townhalls at the Oliver Road Community Centre on Wednesday and at the West Thunder Community Centre on Thursday, both events getting underway at 6:30 p.m.

Earlier this month he, along with now retired Acting Chief of Police Dan Taddeo, were part of the discussions on policing and crime during the McKellar Ward meeting.

He believes much of what what he heard at that meeting will be touched upon again next week.

“So what we want to do there is basically what I’ve been talking about, is having people come to us. Tell us what are their priorities, what are they seeing in the streets, what do they want to see their policing doing. So really its just come out and  tell us everything. I want to hear from the public, I want to know what we’re doing, whats the good, bad and whats the ugly.”

And while it will be an open agenda, Fleury notes there are some obvious enforcement priorities the service has to have.


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