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Director Anthony Foglia speaks to media during the launch of the Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay rebrand along side Heather Dickson, who created the new logo for the organization. (Adam Riley / Acadia Broadcasting)

Rebrand of transportation museum

By Adam Riley May 18, 2023 | 2:09 PM

The Lakehead Transportation Museum is no more…sorta.

Spokesperson Anthony Foglia says the former name wasn’t a hit for visitors.

“We realized the ‘Lakehead’ branding name just didn’t work for people trying to come to the city and don’t know anything about Thunder Bay and they’re looking for places to see and do in Thunder Bay, and Thunder Bay needed to be a part of the name.”

A new logo designed by Heather Dickson will also help carry the brand of the museum going forward in it the potential to go beyond the nautical pieces of history, including its centrepiece the Alexander Henry, with the hope of bringing permanent rail and aircraft exhibits to the facility.

The Brillo buses, which have also been on the site for sometime however will not be, at least for this year, a part of the experience.

This is due to disagreements with former members of the museum.

Along with the rebrand and logo also comes a new event to coincide with the arrival of cruise ships to the Pool Six area starting on June 5th, a Dock Market.

“Its going to be running with all the different cruise ships that are coming to Thunder Bay we;’re going to be here having local artisans and local vendors we have tonnes of great companies and vendors that are really interested in the dock market  its unbelievable.”

The markets are expected to have 10 to 20 different vendors at a time, with the idea of bringing a sampling of what the city has to offer right to where the cruise ships dock.


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