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LOW Speedway looking forward to another season

By Tim Davidson May 15, 2023 | 3:55 PM

Still over a month for the start of the racing season for the Lake of the Woods Speedway, but there was some activity this weekend with the first practice of the year.

Promoter Anthony Leek says they are still working on fixing up the track.

“More work to do with railing and track surface and so on, but it’s coming along,” says Leek.

“So much so, we can run a practice early this year year, which is really nice.   Last year was wet, and there was a lot of snow.  So we’ve actually had a bit of a head start this year.”

Leeks adds there will also be two other practices before the season opens on July 2nd.

“We have actually another practice on June 24th again.  We’re able to squeeze in this practice, and for the next month we’re going to be literally working at the track with upgrades and what-not throughout the next month.”

There will be racing every week during the summer on Sundays starting at 4:00, until the last race on September 10th.



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