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Team Europe’s Ocean Global Ocean Race detoured to Halifax after breaking mast.

By Evan Taylor May 15, 2023 | 12:13 PM

Team Europe's sailboat is now docked in Halifax being damaged in the fourth leg of a global ocean race. Photo: Devan Dube.

Team Europe successfully reached Halifax, on Saturday, May 13th, following a challenging journey across the North Atlantic. The team’s yacht encountered severe weather conditions, resulting in the loss of its mast and the subsequent abandonment of The Ocean Race’s fourth leg near Newport, USA.

Despite the setback, the crew members remained unharmed and quickly took action to secure the yacht by detaching damaged rigging and sails. After the weather conditions improved, they managed to set up a jury rig using the storm jib and a small portion of the remaining mainsail for limited propulsion.

Navigating with the aid of wind, currents, and sheer determination, GUYOT Environnement – Team Europe set their course for Halifax, Canada. However, additional challenges arose during their journey, including a fuel shortage. To ensure the yacht’s instruments remained operational and to maintain an adequate cruising speed, the crew radioed a passing cargo ship, which generously provided approximately 150 liters of diesel fuel via canisters. This refueling allowed them to continue their voyage at a speed of three to four knots.

After four and a half days at sea, the team’s arrival in Halifax was met with the necessary preparations and logistics. The yacht was promptly stripped down, and a thorough examination of the hull was conducted. Plans are now underway to assess the feasibility of rejoining The Ocean Race, which will require the transportation of the yacht back to Europe via a cargo ship.


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