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City employs new equipment to tackle potholes

By Tim Davidson May 12, 2023 | 5:05 PM

The City of Kenora has found some help in dealing with potholes.

Director of Engineering and Infrastructure Greg Breen says they have a new piece of machinery capable of filling potholes with hot asphalt.

“Now that we have this asphalt recycler, we can actually take the asphalt that’s been pulled out during our annual paving projects,” Breen explained to city council during their Committee of the Whole meeting this week.

“It can be put in this machine.  Spins it up, breaks it down, reheats it…we add some oil and we can actually put out ourselves hot asphalt onto the roads.”

Breen says they also plan to be more proactive with potholes, identifying problems areas in the fall, and filling them in, using the new machine.

“The strategy going forward…is that we’re going to identify areas that will become problems in future years and tackle them as preventative maintenance in the late summer and fall in the previous year, and we’ll do that by doing larger cut outs…getting the base properly compacted.”

The city notes that there is still the pothole hotline at 807-467-2334.


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