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Rec. Center Boat Launch expected to close this summer

By Tim Davidson May 11, 2023 | 10:56 AM

The boat launch at the Moncrief Construction Sports Center could be out of commission for much of the summer.

That’s because of a large paving project taking place there.

Greg Breen is the Director of Engineering and Infrastructure and says they hope to tender the project as early as next week.

“The construction schedule is anticipated to begin on the 3rd of July,” Breen told council at their Committee of the Whole meeting Wednesday.

“The estimated construction schedule is looking to take us into September.  For that time period, you know  realistically we’re talking about having the launch closed.”

Breen says unfortunately it means short term pain for long term gain.

“The project is important and we want to get through it this year and so, yeah, the timing isn’t ideal.  But in the long term, it will give major benefits to our residents and tourists.”

Mayor Andrew Poirier is concerned because the closure could affect large events such as the Kenora Bass International and the Bronzeback Classic, and puts more pressure on the other boat launches in the city.

Councillor Barb Manson says when she used to work for the city, an effort was made not to do any major projects that could affect visitors and tourists during July and August.

City administration says they are actively working to develop work plans for the project and will publicly release them as soon as they are available.





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