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City to test Voyent Alert today

By Adam Riley May 10, 2023 | 11:44 AM

John Tuesday / Unsplash

Residents in Dryden are being advised that the city will be testing its Voyent Alert system today at 11:30 a.m.

This test will take place just before the national alert which will occur just before noon.

The test is part of Emergency Preparedness Week, and will appear on your phone or device which you signed up to the service on.

The City of Dryden is also encouraging everyone to take the steps needed to prepare themselves and their families for an emergency, including:

  1. Creating an emergency kit with essential supplies, such as food, water, medication, and first aid supplies.
  1. Developing a family emergency plan that outlines how to communicate, where to meet, and what to do in case of an emergency.
  1. Staying informed about potential emergencies in your area by signing up for Voyent Alert! and following local news and social media.



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