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Aerodrome approved despite city concerns

By Tim Davidson May 4, 2023 | 12:45 PM

Transport Canada has approved an aerodrome for Black Sturgeon Lake.

That’s despite objections from the City of Kenora.

Chief Administrative Officer Kyle Attanasio says the city had wanted to do some consultations with local property owners before it was approved.

“When planning and development is happening in the city, there is a process that needs to be followed,” explains Attanasio.

“So from our perspective, based on our experience to date, the aerodrome registration process can happen fairly quickly without consultation.  So we just wanted to express, and pass on the concerns from area residents, to the federal government.”

Attanasio adds the city was taken aback how quickly it was approved, with the initial notice to the city coming on March 30th.

“What we most surprised by was the speed of the registration process.  So by the time we became aware and were trying to get a better understanding of the legal perspective and reach out to the Ministry of Transport, and of course there was a strike happening at the time, so it was really the speed of which the registration happened was most surprising.”

The city was advised of the approval of the aerodrome on May 1st and it will be located at 351 Peterson Road.


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