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Dual credit program promotes education in health care

By Tim Davidson May 3, 2023 | 5:03 PM


Beaver Brae Secondary School has launched a new dual-credit program focussing on the health care system.

11 students are enrolled in the program.

Noreen Bourgeois is the manager of the Lake of the Woods Campus of Confederation College and says they are also working with the local hospital.

“We’ve had a real collaboration here because the students, are of course are attending their classes at the high school and then they come over to the college and use our health lab and our facilities here,” explains Bourgeois.

“Then they head over to the hospital and attend classes there as well.”

Bourgeois adds that it’s a way of getting students interested in the health care field.

“Just with the shortage in health care, the hospital actually pushed this forward, and then of course Beaver Brae was supportive as well, because their students are interested in health care.  So it was a three-pronged approach and the support from all three groups really got it rolling.”

The dual-credit program started in the second semester and the students will complete the course at the end of June.

While the college has teamed up with Beaver Brae to offer the dual credit program before, this is a first for the health care field.


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