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Cal Maskery (Courtesy Facebook)

Moncton program focuses on recovery aftercare

By Allan Dearing May 2, 2023 | 5:56 PM

A new non-profit organization is supporting individuals in their aftercare following their addictions recovery programs.

Cal Maskery, the founder and executive director of Shekinah GO (Gospel Outreach), provided an update on his new venture to Moncton City Council this week.

After he left Harvest House Atlantic, a non-profit organization which he also founded, Maskery felt there was a need in the community for individuals who may relapse.

“People come to a program and do well while they are there and they have support and resources. But when they leave, they often cycle back into addictions and they’re coming back in through shelters or back in through housing or recovery.”

Maskery said 28 men and four women are part of the program in four houses.

“We have taken over derelict houses and are making offers to the owners. If they give us the house for one year, we provide the materials and we will restore that house and we will begin to house people who are living sober.”

Maskery noted how many are able to help restore the homes since they have a number of skilled tradespeople in the program.

He added once these individuals are back in the workforce, they have a support network when they get home from their jobs.


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