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Tax expert encourages Canadians to file their taxes

By Randy Thoms May 1, 2023 | 7:32 AM

A tax expert says it still is important to file those tax returns on time even with a federal government workers’ strike.

The Canada Revenue Agency has said tonight’s midnight deadline remains.

U-File’s Gerry Vittoratos says filing online is your best bet.

“As per what the CRA has mentioned in a couple of communications, there shouldn’t be any delay in processing, even with a strike if you’re filing your tax return electronically,” says Vittoratos, “because of the fact that their systems now have been automated for the last few years. The first assessment is essentially an automated assessment through their software program. So, nothing changes as far as that, no panic.”

There could be delays if you file my mail. Some could also be waiting awhile if they are expecting a refund.

“If you have direct deposit, though, there are no delays whatsoever at that point because, again, it’s their automated systems that will set everything up and simply send you whatever money you’re owed,” says Vittoratos.

Vittoratos says meeting the deadline also ensures that federal benefits, also issued automatically, will continue uninterrupted.

Most Canadians have already filed.

Vittoratos says there is always a small minority that will wait until the last day to file.

“Which is unfortunate because the problem with that is that, let’s say, for example, you’re missing information. You don’t have a lot of time to find it, and especially if you get a surprise balance owing that could throw your budget off completely if you think you were getting a refund.”



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