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MODL celebrates completion of LaHave straight pipe replacement project

By Evan Taylor Apr 28, 2023 | 2:10 PM

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia has announced the successful completion of the LaHave River Straight Pipe Replacement Program, fulfilling their commitment to achieving a straight pipe-free Lower LaHave River by 2023.

The program, launched in 2017, covered 1,739 properties in the Wastewater Management District (WWMD), with 357 on-site sewage disposal systems installed over five construction seasons. To locate qualifying properties, the Municipality asked property owners to provide information about their existing systems, and 884 inspections were carried out under the program.

Costs for the program were covered through a combination of federal and provincial grants, as well as cost recovery from property owners who benefitted from the replacements. The Government of Canada invested $5,247,060 in the construction of the program through the New Building Canada Fund’s Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component-Small Communities Fund.

The LaHave River Straight Pipe Replacement Program was designed to protect the environment and support community development, with Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Becky Druhan commenting that “our actions will help foster safer, environmentally sustainable communities and help preserve the natural beauty in Nova Scotia.”

Stella Bowles, a local teenager, played a significant role in raising awareness of the issue of straight pipes in the LaHave River. After noticing no one ever appeared to swim in the river, Bowles began testing the water and sharing her findings with local officials and the media. Her efforts helped bring the issue to national attention, leading to increased funding and support for the straight pipe replacement program.

MLA’s Becky Druhan and Susan Corkum-Greek, MODL Mayor Carolyn Bolivar Getson, Stella Bowles and others involved in the LaHave River cleanup project celebrated its completion Friday. Photo: Susan Corkum-Greek/Facebook.

Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to the program’s success, including the provincial and federal governments, the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, Stella Bowles, and the Lunenburg County Community Fund.

The Municipality is proud to have met their objective of removing all straight pipes from the lower LaHave River on time and within funding limits, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable future for the community.


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