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Chief Designate Darcy Fleury speaking with media during his first visit to the Thunder Bay Police Service Headquarters in April of 2023. (Adam Riley/Acadia Broadcasting)

Fleury already strategizing for service

By Adam Riley Apr 27, 2023 | 9:00 AM

He’s one week into the job but already Chief Designate of the Thunder Bay Police Service Darcy Fleury is already looking into strategies for the community.

One of those involves collaboration and cooperation with outside organizations to tackle the ongoing drug issue in the city.

“Put a lot of emphasis on our resourcing and doing things together, sharing information and intelligence, and really focusing in on what is the problem right now, which is this drug situation we’re facing.”

Part of that situation involves Southern Ontario residents coming to the Lakehead for the sole purposed of participating in the drug trade.

Fleury says there is a balance and understanding that plays a role in addressing that problem.

“People that are coming here from outside of the region, bringing their nonsense with them and the poison that they bring with them, that they’re not wanted here and I think that’s something…well you know if they’re just bad people we don’t want that, if they’re just making bad life choices maybe we can help them.”

Another priority for him is improving communications through the service and by doing so, improving relations with other organizations.

Chief Designate Fleury will be sworn in at Chief of the Thunder Bay Police Service at a ceremony next month.


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