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Province giving away free trees as part of new campaign with Forestry Sectory

By Caitlin Snow Apr 26, 2023 | 12:10 PM

Cindy Funk / CC

You will soon be able to plant your own tree in your backyard.

The province is giving away 10 thousand trees as part of a new campaign launching today to help Nova Scotian’s understand the Forestry Sector and it’s environmental track record. They will advertisements running across multiple channels.

“We want to help Nova Scotians join the fight against climate change while creating memories that will last for a lifetime,” said Director Stephen Moore. “Whenever a Nova Scotian looks at a tree they planted as part of this campaign, they will be reminded of the importance of our trees and our forests.”

Moore says, they plant more than 12 million trees around the province every year, and millions more grow on the land they care for while creating economic opportunities.

He says the sector’s responsible management is why we remove more carbon from the environment than we emit.
“We are a net carbon sink,” said Moore. “We can make that claim because we embrace responsible forest management and plant and grow more than 12 million trees per year.”
If Nova Scotians want to register to get a free tree, they can visit ourtrees.ca and register.
To view the first television commercial, click here.


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