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Bruins fan pranked by Leafs fans

By Randy Thoms Apr 25, 2023 | 11:30 PM

John Homer, owner of Causeway Insurance, a long-time Boston Bruins fan says he has no plans to change his allegiance to the team during this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. Image: Randy Thoms/April 2023

A Fort Frances businessman is on the receiving end of a prank manufactured by some of his hockey buddies.

John Homer is a die-hard Boston Bruins fan. His friends cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs and gather regularily to watch each other’s teams on television.

The impetuous for the prank started when the owner of Causeway Insurance travelled to Toronto for business.

During the visit, Homer and two of his staff members took in a Leafs’ playoff game.

“I’ve never been to a playoff game in my life,” says Homer. “Great game, by the way. Seven to two. There were nine goals in it, three fights. The atmosphere was completely intense.”

Homer believes that got to the guys.

With the support of others, they decked Causeway Insurance in blue and white. Maple Leaf logos were used to cover Bruins’ memorabilia that Homer has collected and displays at the office.

A six-foot cardboard cutout of Auston Matthews was placed in the front window that was also adorned with Leaf logos.

Homer was not aware until he noticed Facebook posts on the weekend.


“I took the prank at heart. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. There was a bunch of wasted paper that has blue and white on it all over the place. I guess we’ll use that fo r fire starter now or something,” says Homer.

Homer isn’t saying if he will retaliate but is assuring his customers and everyone else that he is not the local president of the Toronto Maple Leafs Fan club and has no plans to change allegiances.


Posted by John Homer on Tuesday, April 25, 2023

“My mom’s a huge Boston fan. My brothers are 14 and 17 years older than I am, and the middle one has been a huge Boston fan since the Bobby Orr days. I’ve been literally a Boston fan since birth. I watched them in 2011. I watched them win the cup. That was the year that we ended up having twins that were supposed to be called Tim and Thomas (an ode to Bruins netminder Tim Thomas). I was outvoted by my wife on that one.”

Homer says he’s prepared to let his favourite hockey team enact revenge if the Bruins and Leafs meet in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

“I think we’re all good friends here, and at the end of the day, when you have a prank like this, you got to take it and say, good on you guys. I’m not really a joker or a prankster to start with. I’m kind of a dry guy, so I can’t see me retaliating at this point, but we’ll see.”

As a statistical side note, the Bruins hold the edge in playoff wins over the Maple Leafs 42-40-1, with each team winning eight playoff series, dating back to their first meeting in the 1933 semi-finals, won by the Leafs in five games.

Boston has not lost a series to Toronto since 1959, a string of six straight, including the last three being decided by a seventh and deciding game.



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