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City awards paving and sewer and water contracts

By Tim Davidson Apr 21, 2023 | 4:30 PM

The city be spending almost $6.5 million on the Municipal Paving program and sewer and water reconstruction this year.

Mayor Andrew Poirier says there are a number of other projects that could be covered under those contracts.

“There’s components of additional road works that are including in there, so it’s not just strictly asphalting the roads,” Poirier said after the open council meeting this week.

“There could be sidewalks, storm sewer upgrades.  There could be other things along that road.”

Titan Contracting has the Municipal Paving contract at $3,948,071.09, plus HST,  and Moncrief Construction had the low tender for the sewer and water work at $2,481,173.58 plus HST.

Poirier says a lot of work will get done this year to improve our streets.

“The previous council had some years that we had spent up to this range, or little bit more.  It just depends on the types of projects you are embanking on, year in and year out, but there’s a lot of work that’s going to happen this year.”

Part of the construction work will include the third and final phase of the Railway Street reconstruction project, which the city had a grant for from the provincial government, to do some of the work.

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