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William Sandeson sentenced to life in prison, eligible for parole in 2030

By Caitlin Snow Apr 20, 2023 | 11:57 AM

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William Sandeson is sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility until 2030, taking into consideration, time served.

The former Dalhousie medical student was found guilty of second-degree murder of 22-year-old Taylor Samson in February, a former Dalhousie physics student.

Sandeson was convicted of first-degree murder in 2017, but appealed and a re-trial was issued.

As part of the sentencing process, the victim’s family, friends and members of the community have the opportunity to submit victim impact statements. A total of 24 victim
impact statements were entered in the case, 16 of which will be read into the record.

Samson’s former girlfriend Mackenzie Ruthven, was full of tears reading hers.

“Fear of the unknown and suspicion of other people has rendered me unable to participate in society in normal ways.  I fear becoming the girl whose boyfriend was murdered,” Ruthven said.

While Samson’s former best friend was also grieving when she said, “Everything I loved most about my life was taken with my best friend’s life.  It’s impossible to describe the positive impacts Taylor had on my life and those around him.”

The sentencing hearing was scheduled for two days, but the Judge made their decision today.

A second-degree murder charge carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison with a minimum of ten years to apply for parole and maximum of 25 years.

Sandeson shot and killed Samson in an apartment in Halifax in August of 2015 during a drug deal.


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