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Flooding in downtown Fredericton on April 19, 2023. Image: @CityFredGov/Twitter

Fredericton, Gagetown, Hartland reach flood stage

By Brad Perry Apr 19, 2023 | 1:06 PM

A number of communities along the Saint John River reached flood stage as of Wednesday, according to River Watch.

The latest five-day forecast showed Fredericton, Gagetown and Hartland were above flood stage as of Wednesday morning.

Water levels are expected to reach flood stage in two other communities over the coming days and come close in several others.

In Fredericton, where the flood stage is 6.5 metres, water levels were 7.25 metres as of 7 a.m. Wednesday. The forecast shows water levels reaching 7.3 metres on Thursday before dropping to 6.5 metres by Sunday.

Gagetown reached 4.36 metres on Wednesday morning; the flood level is 4.0 metres. Levels are anticipated to peak at 5.0 metres on the weekend before dropping to 4.9 metres on Monday.

The community of Hartland was 25 centimetres above the 45.7-metre flood stage on Wednesday morning. A forecast was not available for that community.

Water levels in Jemseg are forecast to reach flood stage of 4.3 metres on Thursday and climb to 4.6 metres on Saturday before holding steady.

Maugerville is also expected to briefly hit flood stage at 6.0 metres on Thursday. Water levels are forecast to fall to 5.9 metres on Friday and 5.8 metres on Saturday, and then hold steady through Monday.

Water levels are forecast to remain just below flood stage in Saint John, Oak Point, Grand Lake and Sheffield-Lakeville Corner.

Saint John is expected to come within 30 centimetres of flood stage, which is 4.2 metres, from Friday through Monday.

Water levels in Oak Point are anticipated to reach 4.2 metres from Saturday through Monday, which is 50 centimetres below the flood stage of 4.7 metres.

Grand Lake is forecast to see water levels of 4.5 metres by Friday and 4.6 metres from Saturday through Monday. The flood stage in that area is 5.0 metres.

Sheffield-Lakeville Corner — which has a flood stage of 4.8 metres — is expected to reach 4.3 metres on Thursday, 4.5 metres on Friday, and 4.6 metres from Saturday through Monday.

You can find the latest flood level five-day forecasts through the River Watch website.

Meanwhile, the rising water levels are starting to impact roads, with some closures reported in the Fredericton region.

Officials remind people to respect road closures and avoid any roads covered by water.

Road closure information can be found on the New Brunswick 511 website.


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