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Family from Abu Dhabi to open bakery in Bedford

By Caitlin Snow Apr 19, 2023 | 12:23 PM

Source: Huddle

A family from Abu Dhabi is set to open a bakery in Bedford after immigrating to Halifax in 2013.

Razan Alkhaiat and Ahmad Allkahtib found the early days hard, but since then, have found their footing.

“We always wanted a business of our own. And we wanted to have something like a coffee shop in a residential area. That’s always been the dream for us.  It all started back in 2019 or 2020. And then we started shopping around and then Covid hit.”

“It’s been really hard [to find commercial space]. Some of the landlords just don’t want to rent to a new tenant. And that’s understandable. But it was a struggle for us. In other places, the rents were much higher. Some of the places they didn’t want to deal with bakery or food.”

Ahmad works as a graphic designer, Razan sells her baked goods at Halifax-area Farmers Market’s under the name Marj.

Each letter representing their four family members, (Mira, Ahmad, Razan, Jude).

Her goods sell out so quickly she decided to expand to her own bakery.

“It was crazy busy, and I almost sold out every time I went in, like a couple hours later. It was just great seeing everything getting sold out. People were trying to get in early enough to get my products just gave me the confidence and boost to continue with this.”

Pending approval of permits, Levantic Bakery will be on 226 Broad St late summer or early fall selling a variety of breads as well as her signature pistachio balklava cake.


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