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Steering committee to help improve French second-language learning

By Brad Perry Apr 18, 2023 | 6:24 AM

A steering committee will be created to help improve French second-language learning in New Brunswick, the province announced Monday.

The committee will lead the next steps for improvements in the anglophone sector, both in English Prime classrooms and French language learning, including French immersion.

It will consist of people representing educators, students, the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association and other groups.

“We need to build upon the strengths of the current programs, offer more in-depth French language training, and improve results so our students can excel,” Education Minister Bill Hogan said in a news release.

A previous plan to axe French immersion and replace it with a new framework was scrapped in February following public opposition.

Public meetings often became heated with parents and educators urging the minister to reconsider making changes to French language learning.

The committee will establish a vision for effective French language training and English Prime programs and will develop guiding principles to help with broader engagement.

Two working groups will be established — one targeting improved French language learning, the other examining improvements to the English Prime program — to gather input and submit recommendations to the committee.

An online questionnaire will also be made available in the coming weeks, the province said.


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