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Hospital starting to ease COVID restrictions

By Tim Davidson Apr 18, 2023 | 4:48 PM

Lake of the Woods District Hospital says it’s starting to ease some of it’s COVID measures.

But executive director Ray Racette says they still have to keep many of their health restrictions in place.

“In terms of all the hospitals we’ve talked to, they are staying with mandatory vaccinations, staying with the restrictions on the patient care units,” explains Racette.

“Some hospitals have relaxed, like no masking in the non-patient care areas.  We’re still under public health guidelines.  We’re still in a pandemic phase.”

Racette adds they are still trying to operate in a safe fashion.

“I think all the hospitals are trying to determine what the new ‘normal’ is.  So you know I think we’ve relaxed a lot of things on visiting and screening and all of that.  So I think a lot of the hospitals are all doing something similar.”

The local hospital is allowing up to two visitors per patient, but masking is still required when you go through the hospital doors and you have to sanitize your hands.


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