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Nova Scotia Liberal Party Leader Zach Churchill. Image: submitted.

Churchill says short Spring-Sitting didn’t help Nova Scotians

By Kevin Northup Apr 14, 2023 | 12:58 PM

A short spring-sitting of the Legislature didn’t sit well with the opposition leader.

Liberal Zach Churchill says they tried to introduce 26 pieces of legislation, all were rejected by the PC government.

“To help deal with the affordability crisis, with people’s health and the healthcare system. Compare that with the six pieces of legislation the Houston government brought in, and I think we brought a lot more ideas to the table,” said Churchill.

The ideas included reducing income tax, a universal school lunch program and legislation to relieve affordable housing pressure.

The Houston government ended up passing their own legislation, which included the new Patient Access to Care Act.

They say it will help reduce paperwork, and bring doctors from outside the province here sooner.

Government also passed its 14-billion dollar budget, around half will be spent on healthcare.

Churchill adds the Houston government didn’t address other key issues.

“Nothing there to deal with the growing issue of food and security in the province, or the issue of affordable housing. We know that housing, income and food are the three biggest factors that determine people’s health.”

He notes the healthcare system won’t be fixed until the PC’s start worrying about people’s health.


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