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Coast Guard frees boats from icy Cheticamp Harbour

By Joe Thomson Apr 13, 2023 | 11:42 AM

The Canadian Coastguard was called in to help fishermen navigate the ice in Cheticamp Harbour this morning.

A handful of snow crab fishing boats were stuck in the ice while others needed help getting through.

CCGS Jean Goodwill, a medium class icebreaking vessel, was on the scene to make a path for the boats to follow. Roughly 20 boats were in the water when the Jean Goodwill came through.

CCGS Jean Goodwill clears a path for fishing boats in Cheticamp Harbour. Source: Twitter @MichelSoucy

The ship joined the Coast Guard fleet back in 2020, after it was acquired from Sweden and converted into a Coat Guard vessel.

CCGS Jean Goodwill has only been in service since last August but is already making an impact.


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