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Nova Scotia gets treated with early start to summer weather

By Evan Taylor Apr 11, 2023 | 2:14 PM

The start of April has given Nova Scotians some unseasonably warm weather with temperatures in parts of the province already exceeding 18 degrees.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Ian Hubbard says there isn’t anything, in particular, they are attributing the warm weather too, but notes that it is above average. “Today for example (April 11) the average temperature is around 8 degrees but we’re expecting parts of the province to get up into the mid to high teens today, which is quite a significant variance,” Hubbard said.

The trend of warm weather looks set to continue for the rest of the week and Hubbard is relatively confident Nova Scotians can put their snow gear away for the year, “This week any of the precipitation we get will happen when temperatures are well above what is needed for snow,”. “It looks like we may be a little closer to the normal temperatures for April in the last two weeks but temperatures will still be around 10 degrees or higher most of the time.”

Forecasts for most of mainland Nova Scotia for the remainder of the week range from the low teens up to 18 degrees.




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