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Gussy still “overwhelmed” after winning Bassmaster Classic

By Tim Davidson Apr 11, 2023 | 5:57 PM

Just over two weeks after he won the Bassmaster Classic, Jeff Gustafson is still basking in the glow of his victory.

The Kenora angler says the event, described as the Super Bowl of fishing, has been a dream come true.

“Kind of crazy and really a life-changing event and I still really can’t believe it,” said Gustafson during a meet and greet at the Discovery Center.

“You know all of us who love competitive fishing, that’s the biggest dream is to win that tournament.  Luckily a number of things collided and went my way and it all worked out.”

Gussy adds that it’s been a whirlwind ever since winning the tournament.

“Its been probably the craziest week and a half of my life, you know, just a lot of interviews and stuff to do. But it’s been good.  It’s been pretty overwhelming.  I still have a couple of hundred messages, the texts and e-mails I haven’t even got to yet.”

Ironically, Gustafson says winning the Bassmaster puts less pressure on him because he can take compete in other fish tournaments, just having fun, and not feeling he has to win.

The Bassmaster Classic win came with it first prize money of $300,000 US.


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