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MODL passes budget, tax rates unchanged

By Evan Taylor Apr 11, 2023 | 2:21 PM

The MODL office in Cookeville, NS. Photo: Evan Taylor

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg approved its 2023-24 operating and capital budgets at a Council meeting held on Tuesday, April 11.

The Municipality’s annual operating budget for the period stands at $38,936,500, with a $27,700 surplus. Additionally, the capital budget and Canada Community-Building Fund investment will total $9,420,024.

MODL Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson said that the commercial and residential tax rate would remain unchanged in this budget, and that while assessed values increased, the percentage change of revenue from property assessments is projected to increase just 6.72%. She also highlighted the significant cost pressures due to inflation.

The Mayor stated that the Council has a 5-year financial strategy guiding its budgeting decisions, which continues to allow the Municipality to invest in four major areas of priority. These are the Osprey Village Growth Centre, improving current parks and open spaces, executing the Climate Change Action Plan, and developing a Coastal Protection Land Use Bylaw and a comprehensive Municipal Planning Strategy. The Council is making major capital investments to support housing, economic growth, coastal protection, and reaching net-zero emissions.

The major capital investment summary includes Water, Wastewater, and Environmental Protection Projects worth $2,825,000; Corporate Infrastructure and Accessibility Projects worth $1,715,000; Trail Development Projects worth $1,721,024; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Projects worth $1,010,000; Parks & Open Space Projects worth $924,000; Economic Development Projects worth $675,000; and Paving Projects – Roads and Shoulders worth $550,000.



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