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6 story high residential building coming to Dartmouth

By Caitlin Snow Mar 31, 2023 | 6:00 AM

Source: Huddle

A new apartment building with 72 units is coming to Dartmouth, but it caused quite a controversy.

It will be 6 stories high on the corner of Portland and Carver Streets in Woodlawn, with commercial space at the bottom, designed by Fathom Studio.

A petition against the project circulated online with 500 signatures, as many who live in the area were concerned it’s out of character for the community and will cast shade on their homes.

One concerned resident, Steven Elliott, says “What they didn’t show was that, in December, on the shortest days, we’re going to get two hours of sun… We are people and we live there. I wanted to get solar panels because we’re paying off our house…but I can’t because I don’t qualify because of the shadows study.”

Another, named Edna, says, “Currently we have a peaceful quiet neighborhood that is safe for all of us. However, if this proposal is accepted, we wonder if it will be safe any longer.”

But some were actually for the project.

“I am in favor of this project and what it has to offer, especially for those that cannot afford or have the ability to buy a house,” said Tricia Todd, who lives close to the development site. “Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a nice neighborhood. And I think this site is a perfect location due to the access to all the amenities within walking distance, especially for students and seniors who do not have their own vehicle for transportation.”

Ultimately council voted to go-ahead with the building considering the housing crisis and the urgent needs for homes.

“These are always difficult decisions,” said Coun. Becky Kent. “We don’t want to create hardship or a sense of loss of community in our neighborhoods. But what weighs heavily for me in this decision is… the blatant and undeniable access to housing in our city…Every single day we get concerns from residents who are not able to access housing.”


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