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Nova Scotia Federation of Labour disappointed with federal budget

By Caitlin Snow Mar 29, 2023 | 11:49 AM

Scazon / CC

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour says they are disappointed with the new federal budget as they didn’t invest in a full Pharmacare program or fix the EI system.

President Danny Cavanagh says the $2.5 billion grocery rebate will provide a bit of relief but doesn’t tackle the root problem of corporations putting profits before people.

Cavanagh says the $14 billion about to be cut from the public sector is also worrisome and may affect jobs and services.

However, he does say the budget also made some important and welcome progress on sustainable jobs.

Hey says It is critical we make creating good union jobs and fair pay a condition of Canada’s energy transition.

The government needs to make sure communities across Canada, including those now reliant on resource jobs, have good union jobs in the future, with decent pay, benefits and pensions.

A $13 billion dental care plan was announced, with the country’s current deficit at $40 billion, $10 billion higher than projected.


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