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Gas prices inch up, diesel prices fall

By Brad Perry Mar 24, 2023 | 5:30 AM

Mixed news at the fuel pumps in New Brunswick after the weekly setting by the Energy and Utilities Board.

The new maximum price for regular self-serve is $1.59 per litre, an increase of seven-tenths of a cent.

You will find it selling for a few cents less at most local gas stations as of Friday morning.

Analysts had been predicting that gasoline prices would drop roughly three cents per litre.

While the price for gasoline went up, prices for diesel and heating oil did the complete opposite.

You will now pay a maximum of $1.87 per litre for diesel, a drop of 1.6 cents.

Furnace oil prices fell by a similar amount to a new maximum of $1.67 per litre.

The price for propane dropped nearly three cents to a new maximum of $1.09 per litre.

Fuel prices are reset every Thursday night in New Brunswick.


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