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Nova Scotia Federation of Labour calls on government for change

By Caitlin Snow Mar 23, 2023 | 11:44 AM

Nicolas Raymond / CC

The provincial budget will be tabled today and the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour calls on the government to invest in workers and their families.

They say taxes need to be raised for those wealthiest, and close tax loopholes that benefit the rich. They call for more affordable housing, including social housing and co-ops for all, including Indigenous peoples, survivors of domestic violence, and people living with disabilities and particularly for marginalized groups. As well as support for low-income families by increasing the Nova Scotia Child Benefit.

Mental health and addiction treatment services is also important, and to avoid going private, as well as investment in renewable energy, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Federation says the cost of everyday necessities are becoming a struggle so not only do wages need to increase, but access to early childhood education by expanding programs and making them affordable.

They are also calling for more staff across the board to avoid exhaustion and burnout.


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