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Police Service breaks down what cost them so much in ’22

By Katie Nicholls Mar 23, 2023 | 10:46 AM

The Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) broke down what their yearly expenditures were that put them over budget for 2022.

In the most recent board meeting, Acting Chief Dan Taddeo noted that the TBPS had gone over budget by $3.4 million dollars, which was also made known during city budget talks.

The services net operating expenses totalled $53M, compared to a revised net operating budget of $49.5M.

Personnel services used up the biggest chunk of that cash at 97 per cent, or $3.3 million dollars.

  • $1.8M for overtime of uniform patrol, payout all-time in lieu balances at the year-end, overtime for sudden death and major crime investigations
  • $890k for wages/salaries for realigning staff resources in senior administration and temporary resources to assist in the records department for transcription
  • $119k in fridge benefits
  • $216,000 for WSIB costs
  • $293,000 for pay duty wages including an admin fee

Materials costs were noted at $600,000 and include increasing building/network security, vehicle maintenance & repairs, along with software licenses and intelligence equipment.

The Police services act hearings for the Stacey Debungee case cost the police service $285,000.

There was a favourable revenue stream from higher than-normal criminal record check fees, and paid duty services to the tune of $458k for all of 2022.


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