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Training centre funding included in upcoming budget

By Randy Thoms Mar 21, 2023 | 2:22 PM

Ont. Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy speaks during a pre-budget announcement in Vaughn. March 21, 2023

The Ford government brings down its budget on Thursday.

In a pre-budget announcement on Tuesday, Premier Doug Ford announced new funding of $224 million to build new training centres and expand existing ones.

“With this new funding, we’re increasing the province’s training infrastructure. We’re providing more women and men opportunities for good-paying, in-demand jobs and rewarding careers. And we’re taking steps to create a bigger pipeline of talent to ensure we continue to have the best workforce in the world, to keep attracting investments, and to build Ontario,” says Ford.

Building Ontario was what Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy called the last fiscal document.

He says labour will be a key focus this time.

“You can have a plan to build infrastructure, but if there are no people to build them, where are the construction? This is why we’re here today. Because we have to think not only about making those critical investments today and our people that will help build Ontario, but we have to look down the road a little bit,” says Bethlenfalvy.

“We obviously want to make sure that we have all this skilled labour, but that we also retain it in this great province. So that’s what we’re going to talk about on Thursday.”

He says the document will also build on announcements made in the previous budget.

“It’s a plan that trains workers for the jobs of tomorrow. A plan that gives more workers more opportunities by helping to provide new ways to train and learn. And it is a plan that keeps costs down for those who need it the most and provides better services for you and your family. It’s a plan that has a bright future for you and future generations as Ontario continues to grow.”

Bethlenfalvy says it does not include service cuts.

He says government can’t cut its way to prosperity.

“You have to have a plan and a vision. And the Premier and the whole team has outlaid laid out a plan to build Ontario. It’s a vision. It’s how we’re going to move this province forward, how we’re going to attract those jobs that we lost.”



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