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NDP call on PC’s to fix housing crisis

By Caitlin Snow Mar 20, 2023 | 12:59 PM

Source: Facebook

The NDP is calling on the Houston government to do something about the housing crisis.

They say too many can’t afford rent or mortgage payments and many have been forced to move because of a loophole in the rules around fixed-term leases.

“A key part of the cost-of-living crisis facing so many in Nova Scotia is the skyrocketing cost of housing,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender. “People need to be able to find and keep a truly affordable place to live for them and their family. We hear from people across the province that either aren’t able to find a place to live, or are worried that they soon won’t be able to afford the home they have.”

The opposition party say will introduce legislation Tuesday, to protect tenants from losing their homes because of fixed-term leases.

“The Houston government is leaving too many people on their own, standing by while landlords use loopholes and other tactics to evict people, threaten tenants or to get around the rent cap,” said Suzy Hansen, NSNDP spokesperson for Housing. “People are getting evicted with nowhere to go. Housing is more than just the roof over your head, housing is a human right.”

The 2% rent cap has been extended to the end of December 2023.

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Halifax, is now over $2,000.


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