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Liverpool teacher credited with preventing major damage at Liverpool High after noticing leak

By Evan Taylor Mar 17, 2023 | 3:05 PM

Liverpool Highschool experienced flooding over march break after a sink on the second floor sprung a leak. Photo: SSRCE.

A teacher at Liverpool Highschool is being credited with protecting the school from suffering extensive flood damage after they discovered a leak in the building over March break.

The teacher came in last Saturday around 6:30 p.m. and noticed the floor was wet. They immediately notified the custodian who then discovered a leak was coming from a sink in the second-floor wood shop.

Water had covered the second floor and in some places began leaking through to the ground level.

More custodial staff were then called in to help clean up the water which South Shore Regional Centre for Education Operations Director Bradley Judge says was able to be done in a few hours.

“After that we got a restoration company to come in assess the damage and begin doing what was needed to make sure the building was safe for classes to resume,” said Judge. “The damage on the first floor was limited to the one room and we’ll need to replace a few ceiling tiles and do some drywalling, but all things considered the school is good shape,”.

The restoration company has been working in the school all week and they are planning to finish their work this weekend.

Judge says that means the school will be able to operate virtually undisturbed as the wood shop is the only room in need of more extensive work and no classes were scheduled to use that room this semester.

While students might not be pleased to hear that they won’t be getting an extended March break Judge says the school is lucky the teacher came in when they did as had they not it’s possible no one would have been in the building until Monday.




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