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La Niña finally ends after three years

By Allan Dearing Mar 13, 2023 | 12:23 PM

Gary Millar / CC

Fiona was a devastating storm for Atlantic Canada which occurred during a record-long La Niña.

The weather pattern is a warming of the Pacific Ocean and it is often associated with more intense hurricanes.

Weather Network meteorologist Michael Carter said La Niña has finally ended after three years.

But he said it’s not clear yet what the next pattern will be.

“La Niña has been a bit of a stabilizing influence on the weather pattern. For the past three years it has been the dominant driver which has made things perhaps a bit more predictable than normal.”

Carter said more weather volatility is likely in the months ahead now that La Niña is over.

“There will be a lot more uncertainty in the forecast and we will have bigger swings in temperature and precipitation until we develop a new driving pattern.”

He added that new pattern could be an El Niño which could develop later this year.

While a La Niña is a warming of the Pacific Ocean, El Niño is the exact opposite and has a cooling influence.

Weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean have a big footprint in long-term forecasts.


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