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4,000 new people added to province’s doctor waitlist

By Caitlin Snow Mar 10, 2023 | 3:13 PM

Nova Scotia saw 3,992 new people added to the Need a Family Practice Registry in February.

Increasing the total number of people waiting for a family physician, to 137,587.

In February, 2,469 found a doctor and were removed from the list, but 6,461 were added.

The demand for virtual care has also increased, with about 250 visits per day, back in October about 160 visits were logged each day.

Mobile clinics have also seen an increase since launching last fall, nearly 40 have seen about 4500 patients.

As Nova Scotia’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for health care.

Of those who joined the registry in February, 35.6% stated they are new to the area. This is the result of new people moving to the province and people moving within the province. The vast majority of the growth (69%) is in Central Zone.


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