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NDP seeks vulnerable persons alert.

By Randy Thoms Mar 10, 2023 | 1:56 PM

The NDP wants the emergency alerts system used for missing children expanded to include an alert for missing vulnerable people.

Community and Social Services critic Monique Taylor has put forward a private member’s bill entitled the Missing Persons Amendment Act.

The bill would amend the act to include a new Vulnerable Persons Alert.

The party’s Community and Social Services critic, Monique Taylor, says the current Amber alert system is a great system, but its scope is narrow.

“An Amber Alert is a great tool to find missing children, but this alert is limited to children suspected of being abducted. This does not include vulnerable children or adults who have wandered off,” says Taylor.

Taylor says a vulnerable persons alert would help facilitate a search for someone who is dependent upon others for their care.

She says it would give authorities an additional tool to help find them.

“The Vulnerable Persons Alert would provide consistency across regions while still being able to target to local and neighbouring areas. This alert would be an additional resource and could be used in conjunction with the current local programs. Our vulnerable loved ones need to be protected, and passing this bill would be one way in doing that.”

Police in Ontario now have a variety of means to locate missing vulnerable people, such as local registries or programs like Project Lifesaver.

Taylor says not some of the programs are voluntary and aren’t always used by police.

The first reading of her bill took place this past week.



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