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Nova Scotia Court of Appeal overturns former IWK CEO’s fraud conviction

By Caitlin Snow Mar 8, 2023 | 12:01 PM

IWK Children's Hospital in Halifax.

The IWK’s former CEO has had her fraud conviction overturned by the province’s Court of Appeal.

Tracy Kitch was found guilty last February after billing thousand of dollars worth of personal expenses to the hospital.

The expenses range from personal flights for family members, iTunes fees, to Netflix fees and over charges on her cellphone.

According to CBC, Kitch’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan argues her actions were not fraudulent but “careless mis-management”. He told reporters, the judge, “failed to address some of the critical elements of what might constitute dishonesty. He failed to resolve conflicting evidence and he failed to arrive at conclusions that supported the conviction.”

Kitch was sentenced in August to five months in jail, followed by 12 month’s probation, before being released on bail pending appeal.

No word yet on a new trial, but the Crown will assess whether there is still a possibility of conviction, with public interest in proceeding.


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