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Pierre Poilievre (courtesy CPAC)

Poilievre seeks public inquiry into election meddling

By Allan Dearing Mar 7, 2023 | 5:38 PM

The leader of the Conservatives is not very optimistic about an individual being appointed to look into alleged Chinese meddling in our elections.

Pierre Poilievre is again pressuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to call a public inquiry into election interference.

“He’s going to appoint a special rapporteur, which of course will be another establishment Liberal appointed by him, that will come out and say everything is fine, let’s just close the book.”

Trudeau has said the individual to be named will be an independent person.

Poilievre seeks openness and believes the Liberals have chosen a secretive process.

“To bring home control of our democracy, bring home control of our country, rather than allowing foreign dictatorships to manipulate our interests.”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has also been insisting on a public inquiry to examine election interference.


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