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ONA contract talks break down

By Randy Thoms Mar 3, 2023 | 1:10 PM

More than 150 nurses and their supporters rallied near Thunder Bay Regional ahead of mediation talks in March in Toronto. Image: Adam Riley/Feb 2023

Contract talks between the Ontario Nurses Association and the Ontario Hospital Association are now moving to arbitration.

The two sides began meeting in January before taking their issues to mediation on Wednesday.

The Ontario Nurses Association calls the discussions incredibly difficult and frustrating.

“Nurses are fed up with this government and employers expressing appreciation for the work we do while simultaneously failing to provide working conditions that truly show the value of what we do each day,” says interim president Bernie Robinson.

Staffing levels, wages and benefits are among the key issues for the over 60,000 registered nurses and health care professionals across the province.

“The actions of this provincial government and now the failure to come to the table with a decent proposal by employers will have profoundly negative consequences for Ontarians and our health care system,” says Robinson.

Nurses rallied in parts of the province last week

It is expected arbitration will take place in May.

The Ontario Hospital Association has not yet commented.


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