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(photo: TDCB)

Snow blankets central and southern regions of N.B.

By Tara Clow Mar 3, 2023 | 10:16 AM

Parts of the province will spend the day cleaning up after a storm overnight.

Snow amounts varied, with Moncton and the Southeast getting around 20 centimetres.

St. Stephen received around 13 centimetres and Saint John came in at around 15.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Jill Maepea says this system passed south of us, “We were on more of the northern edge, and the colder air tends to make snow more light and fluffy.”

Maepea says this short-lived system developed over the Gulf of Maine and didn’t get a chance to get wound up with a lot of wind.

Most schools stayed open for the day, but school buses in Anglophone East, Anglophone South and Francophone South were running an hour late due to road conditions.

Anglophone East School District opted to close Dorchester, Salem Elementary, Marshview Middle, Tantramar High, Port Elgin, Riverside Consolidated, Hillsborough Elementary, and Caledonia Regional for the day due to weather conditions.

Winter sports enthusiasts certainly aren’t bothered by the weather. It means more of a winter wonderland, and more time to get those activities in.

With the arrival of March, some were hoping for some warmer temperatures though, “If anyone thinks winter is over in the Maritimes, no definitely not. March tends to be a very transitional month. We do still see seasonal storms, we will see rain and temperature swings as well,” Maepea adds.


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