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New technical group for paramedics formed

By Randy Thoms Feb 28, 2023 | 12:45 PM

A new support mechanism for paramedics.

The province is establishing a separate technical committee under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to develop resources to address the risks paramedics face.

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton says it will help develop resources that address the risks paramedics face on the job.

“This committee, comprised of both employer and labour representatives, will have direct input on recommending regulatory changes and actions on emerging issues. They’ll also be able to create safety guidelines for their sector that go beyond minimum requirements to keep paramedics safe while they’re saving lives themselves,” says McNaughton.

Previously, paramedics were grouped in a committee that included all health care workers.

McNaughton says a separate one recognizes the unique challenges and risks paramedics face.

“Unlike other healthcare professionals who normally see patients in hospitals, homes, or offices, paramedics face many risks as first responders, like transporting patients through traffic, exposure to harmful chemicals at the scene of a workplace accident or drug overdoses, and many more.”

There are similar committees already in place for police and firefighters.


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