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Trudeau Responds To Election Interference From China

By Tim Davidson Feb 22, 2023 | 5:39 PM

The prime minister says election interference from China isn’t a partisan issue.

Justin Trudeau says recent reports from senior public servants and CSIS say despite a foreign disinformation campaign, the results of the most recent federal election were not jeopardized.

“Giving partisan reasons to mistrust the outcome of an election…mistrust the experts at Elections Canada and our in our security services and our top public servants, who are saying the election integrity held, that’s something that is not a good path to go down for society or democracy,” Trudeau told a new conference on Wednesday.

Trudeau says foreign interference in our electoral process is trying to undermine our confidence in democracy.

“Where we should be careful as responsible leaders is to not fall into some of the political partisan traps that are out there right now.  It’s not about one party versus another.  The foreign governments…foreign actors are trying to undermine people’s confidence in democracy itself.”

Trudeau says he is glad a parliamentary committee will be studying the issue of election interference further.


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