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Unified Fisheries Conservation Alliance President Colin Sproul meets with Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre on Parliament Hill in February, 2023 (Photo: UFCA on Facebook)

Conservation Of Fishing Industry Discussed In Ottawa

By Kevin Northup Feb 22, 2023 | 12:20 PM

Maritime fishers were invited to Parliament Hill to talk conservation.

Members of the Unified Fisheries Conservation Alliance had discussions with the Standing Committee on Fisheries in the House of Commons and the Senate, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and local MP’s.

Alliance President Colin Sproul says it was important to share their views on the implementation of treaty-rights based fisheries in the Maritimes.

“The government doesn’t need to, and shouldn’t be, picking winners or losers in this issue. Our key message is that if the resource wins, all communities that rely on it also win,” said Sproul.

He notes sustainability and science need to be at the forefront of decisions.

Sproul’s group supports existing moderate livelihood understandings for Indigenous lobster fishers during established seasons, and the buy/sell method of licenses.

A senate report on fisheries released last year suggested eliminating the buy-back approach, and re-allocating trap quotas to help Indigenous fishers.

Sproul wants to make sure that government will not take commercial fishery access without proper consultation of the industry.

“We believe there’s a path forward here that’s focused on sustainability that lets everybody win. We encourage government to incorporate the fishing industry into these issues.”

He says they didn’t get to meet with Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray, but they will return to Ottawa soon.

Sproul was also awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal from MP Rick Perkins for his volunteer work with the UFCA and other groups.


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