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Alcohol and Cannabis Sales Increased in Nova Scotia

By Caitlin Snow Feb 21, 2023 | 12:20 PM

Source: NSLC facebook

Nova Scotian’s like their weed and alcohol too.

The NSLC released their third-quarter financial results and alcohol and cannabis sales both increased since this time last year. They were up 6% from October 2022 to January 2023, with $228.1 million in sales.

Earnings increased 6.6 per cent to $78.9 million, influenced by the busy holiday season.

Beverage alcohol sales increased 5.6 per cent to $200.5 million, and cannabis sales increased 9.2 per cent to $27.6 million.

Local products did well with coolers, leading sales in beverages while local cannabis led the growth of Nova Scotia products overall with a 29.9 per cent increase in sales to $8.5 million.

Other results include:
— ready to drink products: up 19.1 per cent to $7.6 million
— beer: up 6.5 per cent to $7.1 million
— spirits: down 1.7 per cent to $4.3 million
— wine: down 3.2 per cent to $4.8 million


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