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My Grandfather’s Cat Celebrates 100th Adoption

By Evan Taylor Feb 16, 2023 | 12:10 PM

My Grandfather's Cat is celebrating their 100th adoption, Pictured Founder Angela Rafuse. Photo: MGC/South Tide Photography.

A pet rehoming charity that started in Chester a little over 18 months ago is celebrating its 100th adoption.

The idea for My Grandfather’s Cat started in 2019, when Angela Rafus who was living with her parents ended up adopting her grandfather’s cat following his passing.

“He left behind his 14-year-old grumpy cat Mackenzie and it was so important to him that she find a second forever home where she was loved,” said Rafuse.

She ended up adopting the cat and started taking it on adventures which she shared on social media. In doing so she started sharing the story of how she came to own Mackenzie and began hearing stories from other people facing similar situations.

“I realized this was happening across Canada, that seniors were passing away or going to care homes where pets aren’t allowed and I knew I wanted to help.”

Mackenzie the cat has since garnered a massive social media following with over 500,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Without family or friends to take their animals, these seniors feared that their animals would live out their remaining days in a shelter, It was the same fear my grandfather had.

After a few months of organizing Rafuse launched My Grandfather’s Cat (MGC) which at the outset offered pet rehoming services for seniors around Atlantic Canada.

In the 18 months since, they’ve expanded significantly now offering rehoming services nationwide and in 2022 MGC was recognized by the Canadian government as a registered charity.

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“If you told me back then that we’d already be celebrating rehoming 100 I wouldn’t believe you,” Rafuse said. “I just want to continue to grow, so we can help more seniors and their animals that are facing situations like this.”

Mackenzie the grumpy cat helped the creation of My Grandfather’s Cat: MGC.

MGC also offers rehoming services for dogs, though Rafuse says generally it’s easier to find second homes for dogs so most of their rehoming involves cats.

The service is free for both seniors looking to put a pet up for adoption and those willing to adopt. If you are in need of MGC’s services or are interested in adopting – info on how to do so can be found on their website.




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