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Nova Scotia’s Population Had Record Growth

By Caitlin Snow Feb 16, 2023 | 11:57 AM

Scazon / CC

Our province is growing and quickly.

We reached over a million people in 2021, have added around 35,000 more since then.

The Federal government says we welcomed 12,650 new permanent residents, an all-time high and breaking a previous record in 2021 by 38%.

Nova Scotia attracts newcomers through a variety of immigration programs including those that are designed to attract skilled workers in healthcare, skilled trades and childcare.

More people means more jobs, businesses, a larger tax base for new public programs and services, more workers, infrastructure, innovation and diversity.

It also means more demand on housing and healthcare.

Jill Balser, the Minister of Labour, Skills and immigration says, we are actively recruiting doctors, nurses and continuing care assistants through targeted immigration efforts; we know there are talented and skilled people around the world who would love to come here, and we would love to have them.

Balser says, welcoming more people is part of the plan to fix the economy and healthcare. She says, many people are looking for welcoming and safe places to build their lives. We want new arrivals to recognize and achieve their potential in communities throughout this province. No matter where they choose to settle, we want them to stay here and thrive. I believe together, we can help them do that.

Premier Tim Houston has a goal for Nova Scotia to reach two million people by 2060, and it seems we are on track.


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