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NS Provides Safety Tips As Coyotes Enter Mating Season

By Evan Taylor Feb 15, 2023 | 2:58 PM

Caninest / CC

With the arrival of late winter, coyotes in Nova Scotia are now in mating season which is when they are most active and most dangerous.

As food supplies diminish coyotes may become more aggressive, showing less fear of humans and venturing into more urban areas in search of food.

With this change, Nova Scotia advises that residents take extra precautions.

During the next few months, anyone who sees a coyote should not approach, instead, you should face the coyote while slowly walking away.

Pet owners are also advised to be more cautious during this period, ensuring pets arent left unsupervised outdoors for long periods of time and keeping them on a leash when in areas known to have coyotes.

Mating season typically ends in mid-March


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